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Vision and Mission Statement:  To promote the general welfare, encourage unity, establish communications between the components, and exercise leadership forwarding the purpose and needs of the membership and of the public schools.


HASA Scholarship Awards Make a Difference
2016 Award Winners

Lennard Leadership Award

Clay Ward

HASA Professional Involvement Award

Karen French

Public Relations Award

Terrie Dodson-Caldevilla

Raymond O. Shelton Award

Holly Saia

Lyle Flagg Award

Dr. Carla Sparks

Business Partnership Award

Greg Fenlon Balfour of Florida

Dr. John P. Miliziano Advocacy Award

Dr. Ken Allen

MaryEllen Elia/HASA Scholarship

La Shaunda Tanner

Patricia Z. Smith Scholarship

Traci Brown

HASA Member Scholarship

Theodore Dwyer

Herff Jones/Tom Rao Leadership Scholarship

Amy Henderson

John P. Miliziano Leadership Scholarship

Janine Hall

Balfour/HASA Scholarship

Sonia Coleman

HASA/HCC Scholarship

Chloe Symonds

HASA/HCC Scholarship

Henry Tillman, Jr.



President Kim Moore
President-elect Dr. Jason Pepe
Secretary Wendy Harrison


Dr. Marie Whelan

Message from the Executive Director
Thoughts on Leadership:
A Series - Part 3

Last year, we began looking at nine characteristics of  successful leaders and how great leaders from

Dr. William T. (Bill) Orr, Jr.
Executive Director

history have considered them and incorporated them into their skill sets. We can learn valuable lessons from those who have come before as we develop and refine our own leadership styles. The characteristics we introduced are:

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Confidence in himself

  • Confidence in his team

  • Courage

  • Fairness

  • Vision and a clear understanding of the objective

  • The ability to communicate

  • Grounding in reality

  • Humility

In the spring, 2015 newsletter, we considered the first three of these: honesty and integrity, confidence in himself,   continued

HASA Member Testimony
by Marie Whalen

2015 Scholarship Award Winners

It is an honor to thank the Hillsborough Association of School Administrators for being selected as the first recipient of the Dr. John P. Miliziano Leadership Scholarship in 2013. As I was completing my application to be considered for the scholarship awards, I reflected on all of the work Dr. Miliziano did during his tenure in the district and in his retirement to support the next generation of administrators.   continued



HASA Member Spotlight

 Sherell D. Wilson, Ph.D.

Supervisor, Division of Academic Support & Federal Programs

Dr. Sherell Wilson serves HASA as its Secretary and Special Events Committee Chairman for 2015-16. She has twice won HASA scholarships to propel her toward achievement of her Ph.D. in 2014. She then was awarded a HASA Professional Development grant which she used to attend a conference this fall. Following is her first person account of that experience.

I had the pleasure of participating in this year’s

Educational Strategies and Student Engagement Institute (ESSEI) hosted by the Florida Department of Education. The institute was held on September 21-23, 2015 at The Orlando World Center Marriott.

The 2015 ESSEI conference united professionals from various disciplines in support of our commitment to keep students in school, engage them in learning, and to ensure that quality programs are available to enrich their learning. This year’s 2015 ESSEI Conference was designed to provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the factors that impact students’ decisions to dropout, and also to provide resources to enrich the capacity of educators and the community in responding to the charge of keeping students in school and helping them graduate and be prepared for life.   continued



Legislative Update HASA Members to Attend Annual Legislative Days in Tallahassee

By Dr. Bill Orr, HASA Executive Director

In mid-January, the 2016 legislative session will be in full swing. At this writing, thirteen HASA members, active duty and retired, will join school administrators from around the state in participating in FASA’s annual Legislative Days, attending briefings and committee meetings and meeting privately with members of our local delegation to communicate the priorities of Florida’s public schools.

This year, HASA has the largest contingent in our history attending the event which is coordinated each year by the chair of our legislative committee and president of the FASA/Central Florida Coalition, Dr. Ken Allen. Along with HASA members, long time business partner, Eddie Ocasio, attends with us and takes great pictures to document the event each year.

We are looking forward to attending this year. Usually the event takes place prior to the session but this year we will be going to Tallahassee while the session is going on. It should be interesting!


HASA Leaders Work to Support Administrators

HASA’s Executive Board and Representative Board meet regularly throughout the school year to address issues that relate to administrative leaders throughout the district. They also hold an annual planning meeting during the summer to review HASA’s fiveyear-strategic plan and discuss how to implement it for the upcoming school year. On June 27, 2015, fourteen members of the HASA Executive Board and Representative Board met at the Hillsborough Education Foundation to explore several topics to be considered for the new school year. Among the topics discussed were HASA’s involvement with the Principal Pipeline, support of the Hillsborough Education Foundation initiatives, and expanding community service activities and projects such as the There Ought to be a Law initiative, school supply drives, and the My MacDill project. Other items on the planning agenda were ways to increase communication, both internally and externally; strategies to increase HASA membership; increasing awareness among the membership of business partner benefits; and programs that HASA might consider sponsoring.

Board Members held a summer planning meeting on June 27, to discuss strategic goals, organizational involvement, new initiatives, and other ways to support administrators across the district. These planning meetings are an annual event and provide guidance for HASA initiatives during the upcoming school year. Dr. Bill Orr, HASA Executive Director, AnneMarie Courtney, President, and Kim Moore, President-Elect, led the meeting.


HASA's President
AnnMarie Courtney

My name is AnnMarie Courtney and I am the Principal of Aparicio-Levy Technical College.  It is my honor to serve as your President this year.

HASA prides itself on   demonstrating unparalleled excellence in service to administrators in every division of Hillsborough County Public Schools. 

In the role of HASA President, I am committed to being a voice for all HCPS administrators. The Executive Board works very closely with the Superintendent to share concerns and successes of our membership via monthly roundtable discussions. This year, your organization is making a strong effort to engage the community to build awareness of HASA and our mission, increase communication through social media and support the needs of membership.


HASA Joins in My MacDill Campaign

By Dr. Bill Orr, HASA Executive Director

Periodically, the government’s Base Realignment and Closure Act Commission (BRAC) looks at military bases at home and abroad with an eye toward improving efficiency and saving money. When this comes up, one of the bases that always gets a close look is Tampas MacDill Air Force Base. The reason MacDill is so vulnerable is that the property on which it is located is PRIME real estate with lucrative residential and commercial potential.

MacDill AFB has become a vital part of the community, employing a large local work force and pumping millions into Tampas economy. HASA has joined many community organizations and leaders in supporting an effort to raise awareness among the public and possibly later the BRAC.


In Memoriam

HASA would like to honor the memory of its members who have passed away since our last newsletter was published.

Robert “Steve” Custer, May 11, 2015

Carl Leonard Barone, June 1, 2015

Susan Sharee Houx, June 18, 2015

Alvin “Al” Leathers, July 16, 2015

Barbara Jean English, July 17, 2015

Oleta H. Vines, August 17, 2015

Henry Levi Strapp, August 28, 2015

Sandra C. Thrower, September 1, 2015

Clara Nuccio Costa, October 16, 2015

Don Clifton Kilgore, October 17, 2015

Katherine Moore Morse, October 21, 2015

John A. Hildebrand, November 1, 2015

If we have inadvertently omitted any names from this list, please contact Carla Sparks at carla.sparks@sdhc.k12.fl.us

Thanks to our Business Partners!

HASA is pleased to recognize local businesses that have partnered with our association to provide member benefits, participate in sponsorships, and other mutually beneficial activities.  Those businesses are: Baccarella & Baccarella, Balfour, Herff Jones, Hillsborough Education Foundation, Karp and Associates,  Liberty Mutual,  Mortellaro and Quigley, CPA, LLC, Nova Southeastern University,  Prestige Portraits, Suncoast Schools FCU, Troy University, VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc.   

For more information on business partnerships, click here.  Each partner has a brief summary of the service they provide and phone numbers or email addresses for contact information.